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This is no place for greenhorns.

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About Five Nine Whiskey

Made with Blue-Collar in Mind

We're the kind of people who know the satisfaction of doing something with your own two hands. From our first adventure with Troll Co. Clothing, to supporting the 0.1% with Welder Nation, we've always known that the blue-collar crowd is exactly where we belong. Supporting anyone who's willing to get their hands dirty is our passion, and now we're making sure you can reward yourself for a hard day's work.

It's not just about getting the job done, it's about making sure the job's done right. That's why every step of our distilling process is completed with an unwavering attention to detail, because there's no magic bullet to making a good whiskey. Every ingredient is chosen with care, and every bottle is crafted with quality you can be proud of.

That quality is supported by whiskey-loving Americans like you. Not only is our whiskey made in Owensboro, Kentucky, the very heart of Bourbon County, but the corn we use is 100% Kentucky grown. Long-standing traditions of distilling combine with the fresh notes of American soil and a clean, satisfying finish.

Reward Your Hard Work

Join us in celebrating the creators, builders, fixers, and doers who measure time by the grit on their hands, not the hands of the clock. Five Nine was created to celebrate small wins after a long day on a job. It's time to put your tools down and relax in the five to nine.

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